International Winter Bike To Work Day in North Idaho

Today is International Winter Bike to Work…for some that still means 70 degree weather and it is no big deal. But, for those of us that live in the North or places that actually receive snow, riding is not always a choice people make. I am normally one of those people! I decided though that it is time I get over myself and “sing in the rain”.

Last night it rained most of the evening with a bit of drizzle still happening this AM, but I had committed to meeting with fellow bicyclist and Charity Miles champion for the Micheal J Fox Foundation Grove Ayers in Hayden at 8am. (I kept telling myself…it is not SNOW be thankful).

Tom and I made it out of the house around 7:30 semi-prepared for the wet conditions. (Note to self: need fenders on my mountain bike). It was slow going pedaling with winter legs at first, but things got easier. You know you are in a rhythm when your heart beat matches the thumping of your tires on the pavement.


We made it to Java in Hayden in pretty good time arriving just a few minutes before 8:00. The Americano I had was nice and toasty warm, although I hadn’t gotten cold on the ride at all. Just a bit muddy! Glad I had the Coeur d’Alene Marathon Buff around my neck it worked perfectly as a face mask on the downhills so I didn’t get a face full of mud.

In total we had four people meet up today: Grove Ayers, GM of the Silver Lake Mall; Robert Nelson, Bus Driver and Chair of the Hayden Parks Commission; Tom, my other half; Β and of course myself! The conversation was really good and to be honest; I dont’ think any of us really wanted to go to work. Duties calls however so we parted ways. I think we need to meet like this more often though. Good to get the day started with a biycycle ride, coffee, and friends! It just seems to make the rest of the day go so much smoother.

Did you get out and ride today? If so where to you ride? Just to work or did you play a bit of hooky and meet up with friends?
Cheers and Ride On!
Jamie Lynn
What I Wore:

Dressing for this ride seemed like a challenge, but fortunately I had some key waterproof riding pieces already in my closet.

Outfit I chose for this ride was all about being waterproof yet still warm. When you choose waterproof pieces; when you get the mud streak up your back or on your legs; it will brush off easily once it dries or wipe off quickly if still wet.

Winter Bike to Work Day Outfit



7 thoughts on “International Winter Bike To Work Day in North Idaho

  1. Thanks so much for the time and company this morning, Jamie! It was great to sit and chat with you and Tom and Robert. I won’t say anything about his “stripe”…but, yeah, the fenders are pretty indispensible!

    Be well!


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